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WIN UP to £500! Flowing in the Cash Fountain


Updated : September 12, 2013


We had to let you know of yet another delicious treat being served over at Here you can play for and win £500 on the hour every hour. This is a coverall game with a minimum prize of £30 and a possible top prize jackpot of up to £500.

The Cash Fountain can be found flowing in the Hot Chocolate Room Everyday from 7pm until midnight daily!

Here is how you can to win: Be the first one to “BINGO” covering all the numbers on your card.
If you’re lucky and your card is covered up to the 48th call you’ll win the £500 jackpot. As the number of calls increases the prize will begin to decrease, to a minimum of £30.
The cards are only 10p each with no minimum purchase, but there is a maximum of 48 cards in the game.
To play you need to be listed as a funded player, and, your winning will be automatically credited to you account.

It’s just that simple so get yourself over and tuck-in and enjoy these delicious prizes at


Updated : September 12, 2013


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