Monthly Archives: September 2013

    Red Bus Monday Mania

    We all need something to help us calm down and unwind at the end of those hectic Mondays. Well now all you need to do head over to RedBus Bingo .Their £150 Monday Mania is sure to calm your nerves, and make you smile.


    Posh Bingo MPH

    For the speed freaks among you our friends over at POSH Bingo have a game for you - This game will see if you can keep up and have what it takes . It’s a Full throttle Speed Bingo game, designed for you to enjoy on the go.Happening daily from 7.30-11.30am!


    Pick Your Paradise is back!

    With spring approaching its time again for that great favorite “Pick your Paradise” the only difference, this time, is that it is now FOUR!!! Times bigger than before.