Monthly Archives: February 2014

    Bingo in the Media

    Bingo isn’t just a fun and potentially profitable way to spend free time – it’s also an interesting theme in the media, particularly in the movies. Here, we’ll take a fun look at five instances in which bingo has been portrayed in the media, plus we’ll share how bingo is shown in each of the scenes in which it plays a starring role.


    Portsmouth’s Crown Bingo Closing its Doors

    We’re sad to report that yet another of Britain’s bingo halls is set to close soon. In past weeks, we’ve discussed the plight of live Bingo venues across Britain, and we’ve discussed the Back Bingo campaign, which is putting forth a major effort to change the regulatory landscape so that live Bingo can once again flourish.


    Popular Bingo Fundraisers Help Communities

    We all know how much fun bingo is – in fact for many of us, spotting those lucky bingo numbers is our favorite pastime! Community fundraisers throughout the UK, the US, Canada, and other nations are helping to make a difference in schools and other places where budget woes are all too common.