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Congham Bingo Evenings Benefit British Charities


Updated : April 28, 2014


Bingo – be it online or live – is often more than just a fun game that provides players with the opportunity to win. Various bingo venues often hold special fundraising events at which they focus on helping certain charities increase their bottom lines. Last spring, Caroline Petchey and her special bingo fundraising group located at Congham’s Anvil Inn chose the British Heart Foundation as their charity of the year. The group ultimately raised £2,015 to benefit the Foundation. In the coming months, another popular charity will benefit.

Playing Bingo to Raise Money for Cancer Research and More

Congham’s charity bingo evenings are nothing new. A few years ago, Caroline Petchey got the idea of holding bingo evenings to raise funds for favorite charities. At the time, her sister was running the London Marathon to support various charities, and Caroline’s special bingo evenings were held as fundraisers to support the charities her sister’s races were benefiting.

Caroline stopped holding bingo evenings for several years, but reinstated the practice when Kath Long of the Anvil Inn in Congham approached her for assistance in running some special bingo evenings. Ever since, the charity events have taken off, becoming more popular than ever.

During the first year, the fundraisers were held to benefit cancer research. This year, fundraiser bingo nights in Congham will focus on benefiting the Norfolk and Norwich Radiotherapy Appeal as well as the West Norfolk Disability Information Service. Both beneficiaries are near and dear to Caroline’s heart and also are being held in memory of a bingo attendee and personal friend of Caroline’s – Roy Curtis, who passed away in 2013.

Caroline, who hails from Warham, says “It’s just my way of helping local people. I do it for local charities so I can see the benefit it has for the community.” She went on to say that “There just seems to be so much doom and gloom around so I just want to help as much as I can. It gives me a purpose. Our sessions have a regular following of about 30 people with more coming for the Easter and Christmas events. The Anvil is only a small venue so at Christmas, we had so many people we had to squash everyone together like sardines!”

Caroline went on to thank the numerous local businesses that donated prizes to be given away at the popular holiday bingo sessions. The next bingo at Congham will be held at 7:30 pm, on Thursday April 17th.


Updated : April 28, 2014


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