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Sharing at its Best: Friends Share £92,000 Bingo Jackpot


Updated : March 25, 2014


An avid bingo player has won nearly £100,000, and has shared it with a close friend as promised. The two friends do not want to reveal their identities – instead, they just want to relax and enjoy the afterglow that accompanies a big bingo win like this one!

It happened at the Globe Bingo Hall in Donnington, on recent evening when Emmerdale soap star Matthew Wolfenden arrived, thrilling the hundreds of players in attendance and handing huge bouquets of flowers to the two winners. Wolfenden added even more excitement to the evening by calling a game of bingo and kissing a special birthday girl, Alison Richardson, who at 41 said this was one of her best birthdays ever.

The winner admitted that she doesn’t watch Emmerdale, in which Matthew Wolfenden plays David Metcalf, who is at the center of a love triangle. Her friend, however, is a huge Emmerdale fan and an even bigger fan of Matthew Wolfenden. In addition to the flowers the star gave the two girls, he handed over a giant check for the prize, which they won back on March 9th. Both winners told reporters that they planned to use their share of the prize money for home improvements, and both hope to enjoy a holiday as well.

The two friends play bingo together regularly; as the winner said, “We had decided to come on the off chance to take part in the new, national bingo game. We come along perhaps every couple of months. We have always said that we will share our winnings and that is what we are doing – we are good friends.”

Matthew enjoyed the experience, telling reporters “It was the first time I had called a bingo game. It was great fun. It’s also really great to be able to present such a large check to two lovely ladies.”

Club general manager, Adrian Gittins, was elated; he told reporters that besides hitting the jackpot, the two had won a luxury cruise for two as a bonus prize. “We are thrilled to see two of our members receive such a huge prize. It’s a great start to the new year. The government has given us a bonus with the tax benefit and we are seeing a large investment in this building, which has been such a large part of the community for many years.”

The new National Bingo game was launched in February, and offers a £25,000 national prize as well as a £250,000 jackpot.


Updated : March 25, 2014


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