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Look out for Betfair’s new Bingo TV advert


Updated : February 27, 2014


Every time you turn on the TV these days there are adverts for online bingo sites in the UK. Betfair has now joined the party with a new 20-second clip that will be seen on TV screens across the country.

The advert shows people the benefits of Betfair Bingo, where punters are able to play using either their mobile, tablet or laptop.

So if you see the Betfair logo appearing on the screen look out for the details of the app that could see you earn big money. It demonstrates that people are able to play the app wherever they are!

What Bingo games are available?

Betfair offers a wide range of Bingo games to play at your leisure.

One of the main reasons that people choose online bingo over the physical option is because of the convenience of being able to play at whatever time they want, and also not having to get themselves wrapped up to step outside and weather the elements.

However, there will be some of you who understandably crave the atmosphere that comes with playing in a bricks and mortar bingo hall. Luckily Betfair has you covered with vibrant chat rooms full to brim with gossip, chit-chat and roomie games courtesy of the lovely Betfair CMs.

Members will be able to play games such as Deal or No Deal Bingo, Lucky Numbers Bingo and Joker Jackpot Bingo, as well as various side games and slots.

With so many people playing so many games alongside you, it feels like you're in a real game rather than just playing against no one in particular. It also provides a more sociable element to playing online that isn't always possible when you're sat at home on your laptop or mobile.

What are the benefits of signing up?

People that haven't used Betfair Bingo before will be eligible for a bonus Welcome Offer that rewards you with £20 in bingo funds and £10 in side games funds when you spend £10 in any of Betfair’s Bingo rooms. There is also an extra £5 bingo bonus for players who play on the mobile app for the first time when they spend £5 on bingo.

The Betfair Bingo Club also rewards regular players with bonus funds generated with the accumulation of points as you play. And all of this is on top of a healthy number of daily, weekly and monthly promotions designed to give back to the Betfair players.

What are you waiting for?

With so many opportunities to win big with Betfair Bingo, why not try out our new mobile app for the first time and settle in for the weekend? There could be no better feeling than winning plenty of cash on your day off from work, without having to move from the sofa, so don't miss out!


Updated : February 27, 2014


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