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Keno is a lottery-type game from Red Flush Casino which originated in China. Since its introduction to the online universe, Keno has become immensely popular with casino players looking for simplicity as opposed to complicated rules and strategies. As such, Keno at Red Flush Casino is easy to master and win at.

Each game of Keno starts with the player selecting a total of 20 numbers. There are over 80 numbers to choose from, which means that luck plays an integral part in the outcome of each game.

Keno payouts are based on how many numbers are hit, which is multiplied by the players initial bet. Although Keno at Red Flush Casino offers very little in the way of strategy, Keno players are often urged to bet wisely; players can bet from 1 to 100 credits per game.

But as with all lottery-type casino games the more numbers you select the better your chances of winning!

Red Flush Casino Review rating: 3/5
By Nicole Harris  

Updated : April 2, 2014