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One of the numerous casino games that has to offer is Keno. Among their variety of slots games and multiple table games, Keno stands out through its simplicity and yet wide range of players who prefer it.

Whether it’s the real life game or the online version of it, online Keno seems to be gathering more and more fans. Online Keno is both a lottery and bingo game combined, with simple rules, in which you must try to guess which numbers are going to be randomly picked out by the machine, and you will therefore get paid according to how many numbers you guess correctly.

Online Keno is played using a Keno card, similar to a bingo card, which is numbered from 1 to 80, arranged in 8 rows of 10 numbers each. In order to play, you must choose between 1 and 20 different numbers placed anywhere on the online Keno card. The numbers you choose are the numbers you will be wagering on and you will thus be rewarded according to whether these numbers will be drawn or not. Once the card is marked off it is submitted before the numbers are drawn.

With speed being one of the main characteristics of the game, many aspects of online keno are designed with this in mind. Thus, there is no waiting period between games like there is in live keno, and so you can easily choose to wager the exact same numbers over multiple games, if you wish to. If you don’t have your mind set on specific numbers you will wager on, you also have the option to randomly pick 10 numbers for the next game.

Like in any other game, the purpose is to calculate the odds and choose the best numbers in order to be paid more. The chance of winning in online Keno is around 90-95%, compared to ~ 65% for live Keno games.  Also, because there are literally no strategies in online Keno, all numbers you pick out have an equal chance of being selected.

And the fact that Keno is one of the simplest online games there are, we are sure that you will enjoy it!

RichCasino rating: 4/5
By Nicole Harris  

Updated : April 10, 2014