Play Now offers a wide variety of online casino games, and keno makes no exception. Keno became, over the years, a very popular online casino game due to its accessibility and, in few words, its simple touch of fun! You have a bad day at work and feel like taking it easy in front of your computer, play something entertaining, yet low-risk and not that compelling, keno is the game for you. Another attractive aspect about online keno is the fact that it has great winning odds. The chance of winning in online keno is around 90-95%, compared to 65% for regular keno.

The rules in online keno are very easy to follow: the player needs to guess which numbers will be selected by the machine. So you can say it is a combination between lottery and a regular bingo game, which makes it even more interesting – since it belongs to the casino games agenda. Keno players are mainly drawn to the fact that there is a slice of gain available to everyone, because each player receives a cash reward according to how many numbers he/she has guessed correctly. Keno is played with keno cards, which are regular cards, very similar to bingo ones. There are 80 keno cards in total per game, numbered accordingly, disposed in 8 rows, 10 on each. The player needs to choose and wager on up to 20 numbers per game. At the end of the numbers’ extraction, the player is rewarded for the numbers he guesses right.

The difference with online keno – and what actually makes the game more exciting – is that it’s much faster than its classic counterpart. There is no dead time in between online keno games, which means a player can either wager on the same numbers over multiple keno sessions, or randomly (and fast!) choose 10 numbers for each following game.  This can either be a benefit or a drag for players, but most online keno players are actually going after this fast track thrill.

Winning at keno is a matter of pure luck. There are players who follow certain numbers selection techniques based on their own calculation of the winning odds. Other players go by the safe and sound principle that all numbers have an equal chance of being selected. The purpose is, of course, to be rewarded for as many numbers as possible. But, also, to have as much fun as possible. The choice is in every keno player’s hands! rating: 4/5
By Nicole Harris  

Updated : April 10, 2014