How To Play Bingo

Five Ways to Increase Your Chances of Winning at Online Bingo


Updated : December 29, 2013


Australian online bingo is more popular than ever, and payouts are getting bigger all the time. Increase your odds of winning at bingo with these tips.

Many of us have visited bingo halls and played bingo at social functions. Though these venues are lots of fun, they don’t often offer large payouts like online bingo venues do! For more chances to win big, spend a little of your free time playing bingo online. Australian sites offer excellent promotions and excellent payouts; best of all, you can even play some games for free while you learn how online bingo games work.

Do Your Homework First

While it might be tempting to simply jump in and start playing bingo at the first site you visit, it’s best to restrain yourself somewhat – at least at first! If you are not familiar with common bingo terms, learn what they mean by visiting our online Australian bingo glossary, where you’ll learn about bingo patterns and more.

In our All About Bingo section, you’ll find plenty of pointers on understanding bingo odds, plus you’ll find details rules for playing games the right way. Spend some time poking around our site – and consider it an investment in future winnings.

Start by Playing Free Games

Several online Australian bingo sites offer free game play with real jackpots. One of the most popular is the free £888 jackpot game at 888ladies. Set some time aside to play right after you join the site though, because this special bingo jackpot game is available only during the first three days of membership. Read through our online bingo reviews page to learn about other free bingo promotions.

Know Your Limits

Once you get some experience, you might be tempted to buy several bingo cards to play at once. While this is a great tactic for highly experienced players and while it will greatly increase your odds of winning, it’s never a good idea to buy more bingo cards than you can confidently play.

Play during Off-Peak Hours

There are certain times when Australia’s online bingo parlors are buzzing with activity – and other times when sites are less busy than normal. You’ll be able to determine when off-peak hours are by visiting your favorite sites at different times during the day. When playing during off-peak bingo hours, be sure that you’re in rooms that offer guaranteed jackpots so you don’t waste your time or money.

Win Big with Progressive Jackpot Games

After you’ve learned your way around a few bingo sites, consider investing in a few progressive jackpot games. While these games do normally cost more to play, they also offer better payouts than most other games. If you win, you’ll take home quite the pile of cash.

Finally, remember to play responsibly and know when to quit. Everyone has different limits – establish yours and remember that though there’s plenty of money to be made playing online bingo, it is after all only a game.


Updated : December 29, 2013