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Mojikan’s Kash Karnival is one of the latest offerings from Sydney-based design studio Royal Wins. Described as a “hybrid social gaming hub” that could be “the next evolutionary experience the gaming industry has been looking for,” the Facebook-based online casino game promised fun and excitement by rewarding players for their skill by bringing newly designed game mechanics and innovative skill-based elements into combination with traditional slots and casino style card games.

A Multi-Game Carnival Adventure

Just like in a real-life carnival setting, the games in Mojikan’s Kash Karnival require a little bit of skill to play and win. There are two exciting areas to choose from: the Skill District and the Adventure Casino. In the Skill District, you’ll find something new and exciting: the opportunity to bet on skill-based games instead of leaving everything completely up to chance. By placing a bet on your own abilities and the performing as predicted, you can win exciting prizes.

Game play begins with Moji Mania. After you master a hover-board racer by knocking enemies off their platforms, you begin to unlock access to more games, such as Kookie Kapers and Tattooed Warrior. As you attain higher levels, you can make larger bets and increase the level of difficulty, enjoying the fun of a challenge while increasing your winnings by leaps and bounds.

Traditional Casino Games with a Twist

In the event you tire of skills games, you can relax and have fun in the Mojikan’s Kash Karnival Adventure Casino, where you’ll find slot machine games and card games with fun, exciting twists that give traditional game play more excitement. The fun begins with Mt. Kashmore slots, which is a mountaineering treasure hunt slots game that gives you the opportunity to hunt for treasure while avoiding treacherous volcanic eruptions. Just like in regular casino slots, you can choose the number of win lines to play and change bet amounts to increase winning payouts. You can spin as you go or set the game on auto-spin. Experience points are awarded along the way, allowing you to increase bet amounts.

Once you reach level 10 in the Mount Kashmore slots game, you get access to the next game.

Mojikan’s Kash Karnival offerss exciting graphics, entertaining action, and the chance to bet on your gaming skills while enjoying a fun social experience. It’s a cool, casual casino experience where achievements lead to big wins. Mojikan’s Kash Karnival is free to play on Facebook.

Royal Wins rating: 5/5
By Nicole Harris  

Updated : July 2, 2015