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The Goose is one of the newest PlaySpace offerings. Free to play on Facebook, this interactive online game offers a new twist on the favorite board game Parcheesi. Sure to be a favorite with players of different ages and from all walks of life, The Goose provides the opportunity to compete as you advance your way through 63 boxes in an attempt to defeat opponents.

A New Twist on A Traditional Favorite

Remember the fun of playing board games with friends and family? There’s no longer a need to wait for a holiday or rainy weekend to relax and enjoy a bit of friendly competition. With The Goose, you can play anytime you have a few minutes.

Players take turns rolling a pair of dice, then move their pieces around the board for the number of squares dictated by the sum of the roll. The main objective is simple: Arrive at square 63 before anyone else does.

There are normal squares along the way as well as special squares such as the following:

The Goose: Landing on Goose squares 5, 9, 14, 18, 23, 27, 32, 36, 41, 45, 50, 54, and 59 is lucky! Land on one of these squares and you get to roll the dice and take another move.

Posada: Square 19 is unlucky. Land here, and you lose a turn.

The Bridge: Try not to land on the Bridge squares, 6 and 12. If you do, you’ll end up on Square 19 and lose a turn.

Dice: Squares 26 and 53 are lucky! You get to advance for the sum of a second roll of the dice.

These are just a few examples of the lucky – and not so lucky – squares you’ll find on The Goose online board game. As you keep playing, you’ll be able to unlock more awards and achievements that you can share with your friends. Special prizes go out to ranking winners each week.

The Goose, also known as La Oca, is available for free on Facebook. Play in English, Spanish, or Portuguese, and see if you can become the best of all your friends!

The Goose rating: 5/5
By Nicole Harris  

Updated : July 2, 2015