How To Play Bingo

Your Guide to Bingo Tournaments


Updated : September 29, 2013


Although bingo is a widely enjoyed and exciting game to play, either at your Bingo hall or on-line, frequent players are sometimes interested in finding different variations that can give them some extra fun and excitement. This they can easily do by entering into a Bingo tournament.

What are bingo tournaments?
Bingo tournaments are basically a series of regular Bingo games were the winner of a game receives points, and not prize money. The games are played in series, and at the end the player with the most collected points is the winner and collects the prize.

Bingo hall tournaments:
To play a tournament at a Bingo hall ,you will have to pay an admission fee ,this covers the prize money as well as all halls running overheads .In a hall you will be able to experience the atmosphere and excitement as the tournament progresses .It’s usually a fast and thrilling environment and even if you don’t win ,you usually come away with a positive feeling.

On-line Bingo tournaments:
The big advantage of playing in an online tournament is that you can participate from the comfort of your home. Tournaments have recently become a popular trend on many online sites with more and more being offered all the time. There are quiet a variety to choose from, ranging from free competitions just for fun, to paying tournaments with large cash prizes for the winners ,and even something for the runners up. The prize for winners in the tournaments can be anything from a massive cash reward to a luxury all expenses holiday. The size of the prizes depends on the price of the entry fees and the number of participants taking part in the tournament. A small tournament on-line might offer $200 for the winner and $100 and $ 50 for second and third places. There are huge tournaments run by companies with a nationwide chain of halls. Here they run a simultaneous and coordinated tournaments at many outlets, with prizes even reaching half a million dollars.

How to enter a competition:
In order to join a tournament, both online and in a bingo hall, the companies will usually require you to sign up with them, plus pay an entry fee.

Read the small print:
Different tournaments will often have different rules, and you should always make sure you understand the rules of the tournament. Make sure you abide by all the rules so as not to risk disqualification and losing your hard earned winnings.

So come on, why not try your hand at one of these tournaments and find another great way to play and enjoy your Bingo


Updated : September 29, 2013