How To Play Bingo

Top 10 Bingo Tips


Updated : November 11, 2013


Online bingo is becoming ever more popular and today more and more people are enjoying their Bingo in front of their computers. Most of the Online Bingo sites are providing a reliable and safe environment for you to play in, but her are our Top 10 Tips that can improve your chances of winning bingo online.

Tip 1- Free Bingo Money

Many sites offer as an incentive for you to play “Free Money”. This money is usually not with-drawable until you have made a deposit of real money at the site. This free money is very useful for checking out and exploring different sites and the game options on each of them. You also can find out the quality of customer service provided by the site. It’s a no risk fun and easy way to find what site is best suited for you.

Tip 2- Signup Bonus

Almost all of the sites try to encourage you to sign-up with them and make a cash deposit by offering a signup bonus. This is an amount that you receive and is usually offered as a percentage of your deposit. For example if you decide to deposit $10 and the site offers a 100% sign up bonus, your account will be credited with $20. After you have made a short list of the sites using your free money, select the site that offers the largest sign up bonus. If you are lucky in your games then this of course greatly increases your winnings.

Tip 3- Progressive Jackpot Bingo

Watch out for these high prize games. They are usually more expensive to join but the potential prize money is often massive. You shouldn’t go crazy and spend a fortune on this, but play once in a while and you might get really lucky.

Tip 4- Where to play

With so many sites; it can be difficult to decide where you want to play. It can often depend on your mood which site suits your need at a particular time. Some sites that have crowded and busy rooms are ideal if you want to meet some new people, hang-out and chat. If your priority is to play and win then the smaller, quieter sites are often better for that. It can be especially profitable going to these quieter sites during their off peak times, when there are guaranteed jackpot games happening.

Tip 5- Keeping up to date

There are many web sites like ours that help you keep track of what’s happening in the great world of Bingo. Here you will find the most up to date news on all the new games, special offers and bonus. This way you will never miss an opportunity and will stay up to date in the entire goings on. You will also often meet and be able to discuss and exchange advice and tips with other players.

Tip 6- Bingo reviews

Make sure to read reviews of different sites that we post here. This way you can learn were we think you will find the best and most profitable games. We try and cover as many as possible and if we find a problem with a particular site or game we will post that to. This could save you lots of time and unnecessary stress.

Tip 7- Auto-Play

One of the major differences between on-line poker and the games played in traditional bingo halls is, the ability to let the computer do the hard work. When playing at home on your computer you can sit back relax and select the Auto Play option .With this activated you can enjoy chatting to your friend in the online bingo room without the pressures of tracking the numbers on your card .This built in program will automatically and accurately fill-in your cards for you and will even” Bingo” and claim your prize.

Tip 8- Card changing

If for some reason you want to change the cards dealt to you, there is a feature that enables you to do this. Don’t hesitate to use when you feel the need to alter your cards .You of course have to do this before you buy the ticket and the game begins.

Tip 9- Don’t be fooled

If you come across a site that guarantees you winnings at Bingo take it with a grain of salt and move on. Bingo is a game of chance and while there are tips that can help you to play better, there never can be any guarantees of successes. Here we do our best to guide you to find the best games, biggest bonus and more money for you to play with.

Bingo 10- Tip Protect your security

It may sound obvious but never give out any personal or financial information, in any of the forums or chat sessions you join. You can never really know who the person you are chatting to is. There are unfortunately some people out there that try to exploit the friendly and open atmosphere of a bingo room. Use your common sense and we are sure you will have a fun, enjoy and often profitable time.


Updated : November 11, 2013