How To Play Bingo

The Rules of Bingo


Updated : November 10, 2013


Bingo is a game of luck and concentration where competing players aim to match a set of randomly

selected numbers, to the numbers on their 5 x 5 grid Bingo cards. The rules are very simple and easy to understand. Bingo can of course be played in a traditional Bingo hall, or in the increasingly popular online version . Here is a brief explanation and guide of how to play the online version. The rules and tactics for playing either type are generally the same.

There are 2 main versions of the game played online .There is the 75 ball U.S. version using a 5x5 card with the center square left blank or marked as free and the word Bingo along the top .There is the European version which has 90 balls and uses a 3 x 9 card .The winning patterns can vary greatly from single lines to more complicated themed patterns. Some bingo sites require that you download their free software in order to play, while many others now use flash based games that allow you to start playing right away.

The Bingo cards generated on the sites have randomly generated patterns of numbers on them .The chance of there being two identical cards is incredibly remote. The online sites have to ensure a strict standard in the random method used to generate the cards that they use.

The usual set-up on most sites is for a pop-up window displaying.

  1. Your cards (usually three)
  2. The current number just called
  3. a list of the other players in the game

It is very rare for two players to achieve a Bingo simultaneously, but if does happen the prize is generally divided up equally by the two winners It is important that before you start playing on-line that you make yourself familiar with the specific rules of the site you are on .It is worth investing some time doing this as often there is important information unique to that Bingo site that you will need to know in able to succeed and win.

One of the main difference between on-line and hall Bingo is possibly for the computer player to use the “auto daub” features .This mean players on the on-line sites have it much easier, as the built-in software tracks the numbers called for you and means you won’t miss marking a called number. There are also often other software features built in to help you such as "Best Card Sorting" and "Best Card Highlighting" .These help you to easily keep track of your position and how close to a bingo you are.

The winner is the first player to succeed in covering all the numbers on his Bingo card according to a pre-determined pattern announced at the beginning of the round. The pattern is usually either a, vertical, horizontal or diagonal line. Sometimes there are more complex patterns used to win, and these often have higher prizes. The sites number generator continues sending out the drawn numbers until a player who has all the numbers in the defined pattern presses the “BINGO” button. The winner’s card is then scanned to verify that all the numbers called are on their card. In the rare event of two players calling Bingo at the same, and both are valid wins, the prize is divided between them.

Bingo is an enjoyable and social game that doesn’t require a special strategy or need to calculate the odds. To help you begin your online Bingo experience in the best possible way we recommend you try one of our most recommended sites.


Updated : November 10, 2013