How To Play Bingo

Five Unusual Bingo Tips to Increase Your Odds of Winning


Updated : April 8, 2014


We spend a lot of time focusing on online bingo and have provided a wealth of information about increasing your odds of winning when playing bingo online. We’re going in the opposite direction this time, offering a series of five tips for winning live bingo. Better yet, these are unusual tips you have probably not seen elsewhere. With that in mind, let’s get started!

Sit Close to the Bingo Caller

You might be the kind of person who enjoys hanging about near the back of the bingo hall, but it might benefit you to arrive a bit early and take a seat near the bingo caller. You won’t miss any numbers this way, and in some cases, you might even be able to see the balls before they’re called. It’s OK to peek, but do not call bingo until after the caller has announced the number.

Stick Your Cards to the Table

Sticking your bingo cards to the table can help you concentrate on your game. Use a little bit of scotch tape or a dab of adhesive from a glue stick to stick your cards to the table and keep multiple cards organized. Obviously this strategy doesn’t apply to bingo machines.

Outline Your Bingo Cards

When playing games with patterns, use a ball point pen or a brightly colored highlighter to outline your bingo cards. This takes just a moment and allows you to focus only on the numbers that are relevant to the pattern being played at the moment.

Get to Know Other Players

Get to know other players who frequent the same bingo hall. If you’re lucky enough to live in an area with multiple bingo halls, you can get quite a bit of insight from people who frequent different bingo halls. Which venues offer the best payouts? Which ones have the most entertaining bingo callers? By conversing with your fellow bingo players, you can get valuable information that can help to increase not just your chances of winning but improve your enjoyment of the game.

Reconsider that Drink

Winning at bingo isn’t difficult, but it does require a sharp mind and a certain amount of focus. Enjoy in moderation but remember that even a little bit of alcohol can slow your reflexes and impair your judgment. If you tend to become tipsy whenever you have a glass of wine, think about enjoying non-alcoholic drinks before and during the game and enjoying your cocktail after the game has concluded.

While these tips are simple, they are valuable – give them a try and increase your odds of winning at live bingo.


Updated : April 8, 2014