How To Play Bingo

Five Top Bingo Tips to Increase Your Odds of Winning


Updated : March 20, 2014


Winning at bingo – it’s something we all want to do. With the help of these five top bingo tips, you’ll be able to increase your odds of winning, whether you prefer to play bingo online, patronize your local bingo hall, or do a bit of both.

Playing Online Bingo? Choose Reputable Sites

Unfortunately, bogus online bingo sites are popping up like mushrooms in a field after rain. If you accidentally invest your money in games at one of these bogus sites, you’ll never see a return on your investment. Be sure to check out our reviews and you’ll automatically increase your odds of winning by playing with a trusted site that treats players fairly.

Don’t Forget the Bonus Balls

When playing online bingo, you’re likely to encounter games that offer bonus balls which can be used for additional points, free games, and prizes. Instead of simply focusing on the numbers that make up the bingo pattern you’re playing at the moment, keep an eye out for the bonus balls and mark your cards if appropriate. There’s more to many games than just keeping up with the pattern!

Be Persistent, but not Obsessive

Obsessiveness can cause problems for you in every aspect of life and it’s important to stick to your budget while playing bingo. At the same time, it’s vital that you play persistently – choose days and times that work for you, play a set number of games, and stop when you have reached your decided limit. Playing regularly and persistently will increase your odds of winning and will eventually pay off.

Play at Less-Popular Times

Whether you play bingo online or at your local bingo hall, try to play at times when fewer people are visiting the site or playing at the bingo hall. Although jackpots may be lower during off hours, your odds of winning will be greater simply because there are fewer players to compete with. This strategy is particularly useful for newer players who are still learning to play multiple cards rapidly.

Hone Your Bingo Skills

While bingo is a game of luck, it also requires some control and skill – of all the bingo tips listed here, this might be the most important! Listening to the caller, daubing your cards, and looking out for bonuses are three examples of things you might need to do within any given bingo game. The more often you play, the faster and easier it will be for you to multitask this way, and the less likely you will be to make a costly mistake. So learn the game, learn to focus, and increase your odds of winning at bingo.

By following these top bingo tips, your chances of winning will increase. We wish you the best of luck!


Updated : March 20, 2014