How To Play Bingo

Five Bingo Tips: Sharpening and Maintaining Focus to Increase Your Odds of Winning


Updated : April 28, 2014


Winning at bingo is something most people find themselves able to do; after all, it is a game of chance. At the same time, those who have been playing bingo for years know that it is completely possible to give yourself an edge and increase your odds of winning. One of the most important strategies for bingo players who hope to do well is to work on maintaining focus. If you’re completely tuned in to the game, you aren’t likely to make the kinds of mistakes that will cost you a win. The following bingo tips are all about focus – how to sharpen it, and how to maintain it.

Be Physically Prepared

Whether playing bingo online or visiting your local live bingo venue, be sure you are completely prepared to pay attention to the game. Visit the restroom in advance, ensure that you are neither hungry nor thirsty, and be sure you’ve had sufficient rest beforehand.

Have Supplies Organized

Organize bingo supplies before visiting your bingo hall. Serious bingo players usually keep a special tote bag packed and ready to go – complete with extra daubers, pens or highlighters for marking bingo patterns ahead of games, and a few drinks or snacks if permitted. Remember to put your lucky bingo charm into your bag too!

Get Comfortable

Once at the bingo hall, be sure that you can see and hear the caller. Be sure that you are comfortable. A wrinkled sock, a too-tight waistband, restrictive sleeves, or other annoyances can take your mind off the game just enough to increase your odds of missing a number or responding more slowly than you’d like to.

Watch and Listen

During game play, watch the board and listen carefully. If you are new to bingo, you may feel tempted to play several cards at once, as seasoned bingo players do. Don’t give into this temptation until you begin feeling bored while playing a single card. Work your way slowly up to two cards, three cards, and more. If you start to feel overwhelmed, back off. If you’re not able to watch and listen, you may be trying to play too many bingo cards at once.


Whether playing live bingo or enjoying online bingo, be sure to sharpen your skills by practicing frequently. The best way to practice is to choose a free online bingo venue that appeals to you and gives you a chance to win. There are several fantastic online bingo sites with free game rooms that you can use to sharpen your bingo skills.

Last but not least, be sure to have fun. Choose like-minded bingo companions to spend time with at live bingo venues, and notice if you’re starting to take the game so seriously that you’re no longer enjoying yourself as you once did. It is completely possible to enjoy the game while maintaining focus during play sessions.


Updated : April 28, 2014