How To Play Bingo

Bingo Tips for Beginners


Updated : April 28, 2014


Bingo has been a popular game for decades, with its predecessor having been popular for hundreds of years. Thanks to the availability of online bingo, the game is again experiencing an upswing. If you’re completely new to the game of Bingo, these beginners’ tips are just what you need to get started and increase your chances of winning.

Familiarize Yourself with Bingo Cards

Bingo cards are laid out in a specific way, with the letters B I N G and O sitting atop columns of numbers. Although bingo callers state both the letters and numbers during game play, it is sometimes possible to miss part of what the caller has said. If you are familiar with the cards, you’ll have a better chance of not missing an important number.

Bring a Friend for Support

If you’re planning to visit your local bingo hall, try to do so with a friend who has at least a little experience with the ins and outs of playing bingo. Not only will you have someone to chat with during breaks in game play, you will also have someone to help keep you on track. The more familiarity your friend has with the game, the better! If you’re planning to play bingo online and don’t have anyone to help you, be sure to read about the games and learn about specific rules for the site you are playing on before you get started.

Choose a Budget and Stick to It

Like other forms of gambling, bingo can be a bit addictive. While it’s not as easy to bankrupt yourself playing bingo as it is with some other forms of gambling, it is entirely possible to spend more money than you ought to in hopes of recouping at least some of it with a win. For this reason, decide how much money you will be spending and stop when you reach that number, whether you have won or not.

Never Play More Bingo Cards Than You Can Watch

One of the most interesting bingo tricks avid players have is to count the number of people playing at a certain time, then decide what their odds of winning are based on how many bingo cards they are playing. Someone who is intimately familiar with the game of bingo can successfully daub ten cards at once, but someone who is new to the game may feel hard pressed to keep up with one or two cards. Don’t try to overdo it in hopes of increasing your chances of winning at bingo – you’ll actually wind up decreasing your odds of winning.


Updated : April 28, 2014