How To Play Bingo

Bingo Strategy: 10 Tips for Winning Bingo


Updated : January 6, 2014


Using bingo strategy help to increase the potential for winning, but since bingo is a game of chance, strategy isn’t as vital to success as you might think.

The game of Bingo is traditionally classified as a game of chance. Winning at bingo isn’t based entirely on creating and following a bingo strategy, but there are certain things you can do to increase your odds of winning more frequently. You can use the tips for winning bingo for both online gaming and in-person game play.

Tip 1: Choose Games Wisely

Probably the most important bingo strategy you can follow is to choose your game venue wisely and avoid playing in crowded game rooms. The lower the number of players, the greater your odds of winning are.

Tip 2: Learn the Game Well

If you’re new to playing bingo, learn the game inside and out before investing much money. A good way to do this is to look for free online bingo games as well as for local venues where the game is played more for fun than for profit. Once you’ve learned different bingo patterns and figured out how to implement various bingo strategies, you’ll be ready to play under more challenging circumstances.

Tip 3: Learn from Others

Before you invest any money in bingo, see what others have to say about certain venues. Read online bingo reviews to decide which sites suit your needs best.

Tip 4: Look for Freebies

Many online bingo sites offer free extras to entice players to try their games. If a freebie looks like fun to you, try it out! You’ll increase your odds of winning while improving your bingo skills.

Tip 5: When Playing Online, Avoid Ultra-Cheap Games

Unless you’re a total beginner looking for experience, you should avoid ultra-cheap bingo games in most cases. If a game that costs a little more has 50% less players than a really cheap game, playing the more expensive one doubles your odds of winning.

Tip 6: Play within Your Capabilities

Maybe you’ve seen one of those bingo players who can handily daub or click at six bingo cards at once. Don’t give into the temptation to try this until you are positively sure that you can keep track of all those numbers! This is perhaps one of the most valuable pieces of bingo strategy advice you’ll ever get – play only the number of cards you can easily keep track of.

Tip 7: On Simple Games, Play More Cards

There’s a twist to rule six, and it’s this: when playing a very simple bingo pattern like four corners or postage stamp, consider playing more cards than you usually do. You’ll increase your odds of winning, yet you won’t have difficulty keeping track of your numbers.

Tip 8: Double Check Numbers

Give yourself time to double check all of your numbers as they’re called. There’s nothing worse than accidentally marking an incorrect number and believing you’ve won only to have the rug pulled out from under your feet. At the same time, don’t bash yourself for the occasional mistake. Remember that bingo is only a game!

Tip 9: Choose Games with Bonuses

Choose games that offer bonuses, once you’ve gotten the hang of bingo play. In online bingo, you’ll find there’s no shortage of these games; in person, you might find that bonus games are few and far between, depending on where you play.

Tip 10: Have Fun

If bingo starts to feel like a job or if you’re spending more money than you ought to on your bingo habit, reduce the amount you play. Though this bingo strategy might seem counterintuitive, you’re more likely to win if you have an excited, energetic feeling and a high level of focus.


Updated : January 6, 2014