Progressive Jackpots

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Progressive jackpots are a concept that has been imported from casino gaming to bingo halls, both land based and online. The idea behind progressive jackpots is to link a number of games together in a kind of network. Every time another player joins in to any of the games anywhere, his wager or bingo card purchase means that more money will be added to a “pot” that is common to the whole network. The pot grows progressively larger and larger (that’s where the name “progressive” comes from) until eventually one lucky player makes the right move and wins it all.

Adding a progressive jackpot to an online bingo game obviously makes it more exciting and worthwhile, and is a great way for bingo websites to attract new players. The current level of progressive jackpots offered by an online bingo hall is often displayed prominently on the site so that players can watch the level of prize money rise, literally right before their very eyes.

Progressive jackpots may be offered in unique games or they may be an additional feature of regular bingo games. To win the progressive pot, a player must “bingo” by covering all the number on his card (a “blackout”) within a certain predetermined number of calls. This may be, for example, a maximum of 45 calls for 75 Ball Bingo and 37 calls for 90 Ball. If a player wins the progressive jackpot in a regular bingo room, he will also be awarded the standard jackpot for that particular bingo game.