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SpinOLot Slots is a free Facebook slots game you can play anytime, anywhere. Newly updated for iPhone, this game lets you enjoy fun alone or while competing against other players from all over the world. Formerly known as SlotoLotto, SpinOLot Slots is available in several languages, enabling millions of fans to enjoy the fun and excitement of real time simulated slot machine play.

Instant Access with Your Facebook Account or iTunes

Have a Facebook account or access to iTunes? If so, you’ve already got what it takes to get free, instant access to SpinOLot Slots. Playing is intuitive and easy: Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’re ready to go. Invite friends for the chance to share bonuses, win free spins, and gain access to even more free coins to spend in the virtual casino.  You’ll receive a welcome bonus as soon as you begin playing.

Exciting Graphics, Real-Life Casino Sounds, and Fast-Paced Action

Remember old-style online slots games with basic, boring graphics? SpinOLot Slots features exciting graphics and fast-paced action. Instantly see friends on the Leaderboard, and have fun collecting bonuses as classic Vegas-style lounge music plays in the background.

Three Rooms, Eighteen Games to Unlock

SpinOLot Slots features not just one game room, but offers three exciting rooms with a total of eighteen games to unlock. You’ll start your adventure with Reel Classics, then work your way toward unlocking the rest of the Gold Room games.

Playing and Winning

With SpinOLot Slots, game play is simple and intuitive, but not so easy that it’s boring. You can choose the number of lines to play, select a max bet, and enjoy the fun of spinning manually or pick up the pace with the Auto Spin feature. Run out of coins? No problem. You’ll collect bonuses for the time you spend engaged in game play, plus you can win more coins by visiting the SpinOLot Slots fan page and sharing. The page runs contests frequently, awarding participants with more coins to spend in the virtual casino. If you like, you can also purchase coins to extend game play even further.

Quick Signup, Online Support, and Plenty of Fun

The sign up process is simple, and installing the app or just visiting the game’s Facebook page allows for instant access to the game portal. If you’re new to the fun and exciting world of online slots, don’t worry. Online help is available instantly, and game play is free so there’s nothing to lose. Why suffer from boredom? SpinOLot Slots is a fun, relaxing way to enjoy Vegas action free.

SpinOLot Slots rating: 5/5
By Nicole Harris  

Updated : July 2, 2015