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Feeling hungry for some fun? PlaySpace Restaurant Slots is a free online slots game you can access from Google Chrome or Facebook. This exciting gaming portal offers players endless opportunities to win virtual coins while competing with friends and enjoying the fun of casino-style slots play.

Unlock New Levels While Enjoying Unique Restaurant Themes

Once you’ve logged in and are ready to play Restaurant Slots, you’ll have complete access to different restaurant themes where you play the role of the chef and unlock exciting new prizes while supplying virtual diners with the mouthwatering foods they crave. Combining different ingredients lets you make new menu items and as you progress, you’ll have access to even more restaurants.

Besides exciting graphics and the chance to show off your skills at slots, this game gives you the opportunity to change from one restaurant to the next in your quest to become the best chef of them  all.

Playing and Winning

Restuarant Slots offers the ease of intuitive play and provides plenty of options. If you’re new to online slots, enjoy the fun of playing just a line or two as you learn your way around the game. Experts will appreciate the ability to play several payout lines while betting multiple credits to increase their winnings. Special awards are provided for meeting social goals such as inviting friends, while others are rewards received for hitting special milestones. You also get to compete in real time to get the tips in the jar!

With plenty of exciting twists and turns, fun prizes, and the opportunity to enjoy competing with friends new and old alike, this online slots portal is one that delivers fantastic fun on a consistent basis. Restaurant Slots is available for free on Facebook, with a generous welcome bonus and the opportunity to keep winning more free coins to extend the fun for as long as you like.

Restaurant Slots rating: 5/5
By Nicole Harris  

Updated : July 2, 2015