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Loco Bingo 90 is a fun and exciting online multiplayer game. You can play alone or chat with friends, create challenges, and even play together, teaming up to play 2 against 2. Free to play and easy to learn, Loco Bingo 90 features 90 balls, an unlimited supply of cards and loads of great prizes for calling and beating them all. Explore different rooms to find the extra ball, locate the lucky ball, and much more!

Easy Access to Great Bingo Games and More

Simple to sign up for and easy to reach anytime you’re online, Loco Bingo 90 is easy to access on your Android, iOS, or PC. Play with friends and family whenever – and wherever – you want. Play together or enjoy a friendly competition. It’s up to you! Need a break from the Bingo action? When you visit Loco Bingo 90 from PlaySpace, you get access to seven other fun games.

Four Rooms to Try

Loco Bingo 90 features four different game rooms: Madrid, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Barcelona. Rooms are accessed via coins that are received free each day upon logon, and each room has different ticket prices. Just like in real Bingo played for money, the more “expensive” the games, the bigger and better the prizes.

Playing and Winning

During each game, PlaySpace Loco Bingo 90 players get three opportunities to win coins. In addition to these coins, players receive experience points. Free coin giveaways are part of daily play, and winnings are added the total amount of coins available to exchange for bingo cards. Players can also participate in a mini slot game that spins during game play, affording the opportunity to win up to 10,000 extra coins. The option to purchase additional credit is available. As game play progresses, players unlock special achievements with various wins. Sharing with friends is encouraged, and special prizes go to those who achieve the highest rankings.

Easy Signup, Online Support, and Quick Start

The sign up process is simple, and a convenient homepage offers quick access to the game portal. If you’re new to the fun and exciting world of online bingo, don’t worry. Online help is available if you need it, and the game is intuitive so it’s easy to play. Just choose your room and get started!
Loco Bingo rating: 5/5
By Nicole Harris  

Updated : July 2, 2015