How To Play Bingo

Understanding Bingo Odds


Updated : September 15, 2013


Bingo is a simple game but the odds of winning are dependent on a number of different factors. Here is a short explanation which I hope will assist you to maximize your profits when playing. The first and main thing that defines the odds and payments in a bingo game is the number of participants in the game. The fewer players in the game against you, increases your odds of winning, but because the size of the jackpot prize is relative to the number of players in the game your potential winnings will of course be less.

The number of cards that you play is another factor in your odds of winning .It would seem that the more cards you have, the more chance you have to Bingo, but due to the games fast pace, and slang used by the caller, having a lot of cards can often cause you to miss marking a potentially winning number on your card. Many people believe that they have a better chance of winning when using certain patterns in a game. This is just a myth as in the game, all the other players will have the same pattern, and the numbers are drawn until someone wins. Bingo is more a game of skill than a game of odds, as the selection of numbers is absolutely random.

The element of skill in the game is the ability to be exact in making out the called number in the short time before the next number is called. The bingo caller will exploit this often using bingo slang or call the numbers really fast in order to confuse you.

The big difference of Online Bingo to that played in conventional halls is that the number of players participating is not limited to the amount of people that can actually fit into a bingo hall. As a result the Jackpots can be incredible. It is not unusual on the
popular sites to have a thousand players at one time in a game.

The game of Bingo is one of the fairest of the gambling games that you can play, either online or in real life. Its simplicity makes it difficult to misrepresent or cheat the player. It is also a game with a lot of social interaction, fun and chat, so it’s no wonder that it’s played and enjoyed by so many people.


Updated : September 15, 2013