How To Play Bingo

The Best Bingo Adaptations


Updated : February 16, 2014


Bingo is a very simple game and one many of us learned early on in life. One of the most interesting things about bingo is that it is easily adapted, allowing for some off-beat adaptations such as Oscars bingo, Thanksgiving bingo, graduation bingo, and presidential speech bingo. Here, we’ll take a closer look at some of the best bingo adaptations.

Oscars Bingo

Each year, people from all walks of life join with Hollywood’s greatest stars in celebrating the annual Oscar Awards. When hosting an Oscars party, it’s not just important to take great care in selecting delicious treats to share with your friends, but to choose fun and entertaining games. One such game is Oscars Bingo – it’s fun and easy to plan and play.

Printable Oscars Bingo game cards are available online, or you can make your own. Choose things commonly seen at the Oscars to replace the usual numbers, and use a picture of the Oscar Award as the free space in the center of the card.  Some ideas include standing ovation, red dress, best supporting actor, etc. When something on the show occurs and coordinates with one of the spots on the card, simply cover that spot with a foil sticker. Just as in other bingo games, the first person to get an Oscar bingo wins. Prize ideas include a DVD of a winning movie, a bottle of wine, a gift card, or some other desirable treat.

Thanksgiving Bingo

Thanksgiving bingo is fun for all ages and is a great game to play at any time during the Thanksgiving holiday. As with other bingo adaptations, Thanksgiving bingo cards are available online or can be made easily with white card stock and Thanksgiving stickers. Choose stickers with different autumnal-themed images and place them in rows on the cards, ensuring that no two cards are alike.  Use pennies, checkers, buttons, or other small items to mark off the cards or simply mark off stickers with a pen if you don’t want to play more than a few rounds.  Be creative with prizes – treats and toys make great bingo prizes for kids, while adults might prefer gift cards, wine, holiday decorations, or other fun yet simple items.

Graduation Bingo

Graduation bingo is a great game to play at a graduation party – whether that graduation is from kindergarten, eight grade, high school, or even college. Use words like accomplish, class, gown, friends, teachers, school, and other terms related to education in place of numbers. You’ll find printable graduation bingo card templates online, or you can make your own; use markers, stickers, or small items such as pennies or nickels to cover the words as they come up. Some graduation bingo prize ideas include toys, snacks and other treats, movie tickets, and other items players are likely to appreciate.

Presidential Speech Bingo

Presidential speeches are important, but to be honest, they can be quite boring. Playing a game of presidential speech bingo while watching the State of the Union or another political speech is a good way to engage and stay focused while working to win a few fun prizes. Either make your own bingo cards or find a website that offers printable presidential speech bingo cards using terms commonly heard in presidential speeches instead of the usual bingo numbers. When you hear a term, mark it off on your card. Tailor prizes to match participants – simple goodies and gag gifts are almost certain to be appreciated.


Updated : February 16, 2014